Budget 2014 Summary

DHKN’s Budget 2014 Newsletter outlining the taxation measures introduced by the Minister for Finance on 15th October 2013. http://www.dhkn.ie/uploads/File/Budget%202014.pdf

Time is Running out to Save Money

Santa and the Gender Directive As I sat down at the weekend to write my letter to Santa, sorry, to write my baby daughter’s letter it made me realise how close we are to the big day…., not Christmas, which by the way is only a few weeks away but the actual introduction of the […]

Benefits of Getting Older

30 Plus – Is this a good or a bad thing financially? While planning my weekend and realising that I’m actually looking forward to having nowhere to go and very little to do apart from clean my house and watch my favourite programs that I had recorded during the week (after I learned how to […]