Why choose Income Protection?

If asked what their greatest asset is, many people would automatically respond that it’s their home. But when you do the sums, the fact is that your income is by far your greatest asset. So what would happen if you fall ill or suffer an injury and are forced out of work? What protection would you have for your single greatest asset?

Thankfully, there’s a solution at hand in the shape Insurance Income Protection. This can help you bridge the substantial gap between Government assistance and what you’re currently taking home each month.

By way of example, an individual who is employed, single and is suddenly out of work through illness or injury can only receive €188 from the State per week – and up to a total payment of €9,776. You can see the clear difficulty in making ends meet on this amount.

Insurance Income Protection – also known as Permanent Health Insurance or Salary Protection – will protect you for a considerable amount of time, with the guarantee of regular cash payments of up to 75% of your salary.

Income protection for long-term absence from work is especially important for the self-employed – and for families with only one bread winner. These cases are at much higher risk in the event of an illness or injury leading to work absence.

The bottom line is that you have to be just as focused on protecting your income asset as all your other assets such as your home, your car, your health etc. Don’t run the risk any longer of losing your income due to unexpected circumstances – cover yourself and your family with Insurance Income Protection.

Your friendly DHKN Life & Wealth advisor can fill you in fully on how to get set up and fully protected, so contact us today and get the ball rolling.